Hilary Zalla is a television news anchor and reporter in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. She’s been working in television news for 6 years and is blessed to have a massive platform to share her health journey.

Hilary was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 15 years old. Crohn’s is a chronic auto-immune disease that can affect any part of the digestive system, but most commonly affects the large intestine.

In this blog, Hilary will share her health journey with you. She has spent 13 years learning and studying Inflammatory Bowel Disease and its many affects on the body. First of all, please listen to your doctor and find the medicines that work best for you. Along with that, Hilary truly believes in a balance of diet, exercise, and mental health.

Content Schedule:

Monday: At the start of every week, there will be a new post in the Blog section. This post will be all about the journey towards a healthy life! Hilary will share recipes, fitness tips and tricks, daily wins and setbacks, and advice on all things Crohn’s Disease from her personal experiences. Each post will go on Hilary’s social media platforms where readers can have real, raw conversations together.